Old hand-woven six-meter carpet, Tabriz model, code 140221, one pair


Tabriz hand-woven carpet
Old Tabriz 6-meter carpet 40 rows with dimensions 209 x 300 and an area of 27.6 square meters. The design of this rug is orange lace with a garden and birds background. This design is one of the most popular urban designs. The main role of this carpet is bergamot and birds of paradise. Pleasant and harmonious colors and patterns and the use of animal and plant motifs, the tree of life, jagged leaves, birds of paradise and flowers. It has made Tabriz carpet one of the best Iranian carpets. Using high-quality wool makes carpets more beautiful. The pile material of this carpet is made of wool and its pile is made of cotton. This classic carpet is suitable for all decorations; It is a state room, private suite, hotel lobby, music room, or dining room, living room, private library, studio, study, formal halls, master bedroom, or formal living room. The value of old Iranian carpets is far more than newly woven carpets and the quality of these carpets in the world markets makes them durable and popular.

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Additional information


300x209x1.5 cm

Approximate weight

20 kg


6.27 square meters

Texture year




tissue location


Lint material


The type of weft yarn

cotton thread

The type of warp thread


How to dye

Traditional using natural colors

background color

Navy blue

border color


Other Details

This beautiful and luxurious carpet is offered in pairs and the listed price is for one pair.