Old hand-woven carpet of six meters, Bakhtiari model, code 141214


The old and antique six-meter hand-woven carpet with the dimensions of 296 x 209 is woven by the artists of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari. The material of this antique carpet is all wool and the raw materials used in the production of this carpet are dyed using natural materials and in the traditional way. Traditional dyeing, considering that it is an ancient art, in addition to the advantages it creates in the durability and beauty of the carpet, it also adds to the artistic value of the carpet. If you are one of those people who have a modern home but are interested in Iranian carpets. and you are also interested in the most authentic Iranian art, this carpet is suitable for the warm atmosphere of your home.

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Additional information


296x209x1 cm

Approximate weight

22 kg


6.18 square meters



tissue location

Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari

The type of weft yarn


How to dye

Traditional using natural colors

background color