Handmade carpet model Bakhtiari code 4020223


Bakhtiari carpet Bakhtiari carpet is a type of Iranian carpet that is produced by artists and weavers of the Bakhtiari clan in various Bakhtiari provinces such as Khuzestan, Isfahan, Lorestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and Central. Bakhtiari carpet is now registered globally. Carpet weaving is common in all the cities and villages of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari provinces. This carpet has been very popular for a long time because of its pattern, color and durability. The type of lacquer used and also the special green of the Bakhtiari carpet are the most important features of the carpet colors of this province, which are different from other similar cases in other Iranian carpets. has it. The colors used in these carpets are mostly red, light blue, garlic blue, green, orange and yellow.
In the past, Bakhtiari nomadic women collected and dried natural colored plants at special times or during their annual migrations. Then, knowing their coloring properties, they boiled them in water and extracted their coloring matter and used them together with sour pomegranate juice and obtained stable colors. Today, unfortunately, stable plant colors have given way to brilliant but chemically unstable colors. This dyeing method makes cream colors sharp. In some cases, they use ash to reduce the sharpness and maturity of the colors.

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Additional information


272x183x1 cm

Approximate weight

13 kg


5 square meters



Lint material


The type of weft yarn

cotton thread

The type of warp thread


How to dye

Traditional using natural colors

background color

Lacquer red