Eleven-meter hand-woven carpet, code 102008


Carpets with bright background color have many fans. This is because these carpets can be easily matched with different colors of the house layout. coordinated This 11-meter carpet with a beautiful design that can be seen next to the rich colors of the background and the cream border is one of these carpets. "Eleven handwoven carpet" metric code 102008" It is woven by the creative and artistic weavers of Harris city. The background of this carpet is light pink and colorful traditional motifs are woven on it. The pile material of this carpet is made of wool and it has a thread of linen thread. On the border of the cream color, it presents beautiful motifs in accordance with the background motifs of the woven carpet and presents a beautiful combination of designs and traditional colors. In addition to all these, carpet dyeing, which is done in a completely traditional way using vegetable dyes, has made this carpet an ideal choice. This beautiful hand-woven rug with its attractive design and pattern can be a suitable choice for those who like carpets with soft and relaxing colors and who want Iranian authenticity in their home decoration. keep themselves This carpet is one of those carpets whose color can be easily coordinated with other household items.

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Additional information


289 x 391 cm

Approximate weight

46 kg


11.3 square meters



tissue location


Design name


background color


border color


How to dye

Traditional using natural colors

Lint material


The type of warp thread


The type of weft yarn


The height of the sleeping thread

About two centimeters


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