SRV-8R1 model, eight meter dyed handwoven carpet


SRV-8R1 hand-woven dyed vintage carpet of eight meters with a red background and the warmth of the red color will add beauty to your home decoration. This carpet is used for homes with modern and classic decoration, so that it doubles the charm and beauty of the environment. It should also be mentioned that vintage in the term means old and in art it is referred to as modern revision and retrogression. In fact, the way to make and produce vintage carpets is that it is obtained by shortening or completely removing the existing piles on ordinary and traditional Iranian carpets. Among the unique features of the vintage carpet, we can mention its very high durability and the special way of its design, so that it attracts the eyes of every viewer and increases the intimacy and warmth of the environment. Various vintage carpet designs can be used according to taste and in harmony with the desired environment in different parts of the house such as living room, bedroom and kitchen.

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Additional information


340x245x1.5 cm

Approximate weight

25 kg


8.3 square meters

Texture type

hand made

The type of yarn


background color