Four-meter hand-woven carpet collage, vintage design, code 1014


Old handwoven carpets are used to produce vintage carpets. First, they are designed in a modern way and then they become like this. The height of this rug is 1 cm. In this style, the meat of the carpet has been completely removed in order to show the pattern of the carpet as well as possible. This style of carpets is very popular in European countries due to its compatibility with different decors. Many vintages are disposable and fade or lose their color after washing, but we assure you that all the vintages in this collection have a constant color and are completely washable and made with the best materials. They are produced initially and with the help of experts in this profession.

Category: SKU: dkp-7712045

Additional information


241x170x5 cm

Approximate weight

2 kg


4.097 square meters

Texture type

hand made

The type of weft yarn


The type of warp thread

cotton thread



Other Details

Hand painted