Old three-meter hand-woven carpet, Aroon design, antique model, code 1031


Antique handmade carpets are generally worth a lot of riyals. This type of carpets has a wonderful color, design and beauty, that’s why the buying and selling of antique carpets never stops.

These carpets have become more valuable over time and even selling antique carpets. Old is like selling antiques. In other words, all those who are interested in antiques must have an antique hand-woven carpet in their collection. An antique hand-woven carpet is an old carpet and natural colors such as amber, henna, walnut skin, etc. are usually used to dye it. Therefore, these carpets do not return color and their beauty does not fade over time. Since these types of carpets are completely organic and their designs are inspired by nature, no matter how If their designs and colors are more complex, they will have a higher price.
The name of Il Bakhtiari and Chaharmahal province is tied to nomads who are considered to be among the oldest noble people of Iran, whose zeal has always been on languages, but you cannot hand-woven carpets. He limited Bakhtiari only to the nomads and neglected the villagers and urban carpet weavers of this province.

In Chaharmahal province and among its people, the art and production of various handicrafts is somehow mixed with their skin and blood, and the carpet is only an option. And of course, it is the most important among the different models of handicrafts of this city.

Bakhtiari women and girls use a method that is rarely seen in other parts of Iran and even the world. They do not use any pre-designed plans and maps and they use mental roles for their textures.

Creating such attractive and beautiful works without a map shows that art is woven into the blood of the people of this region. And they turn to using maps only when they want to produce a custom work.

When you don’t use the pattern and model you want to produce your knitting, you will unconsciously avoid the repetition and uniformity of the designs. And each of your works is a unique model, this is the main advantage of Bakhtiari handwoven carpets.

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Additional information


200x150x0.4 cm

Approximate weight

4 kg


3 square meters



The type of weft yarn


The type of warp thread

cotton thread

How to dye

Traditional using natural colors

background color


Other Details

Antique Shoor Bakhtiari special design