Ten meter hand-woven carpet, vintage design, code 4020541


Vintage carpets are one of the latest carpet models that have an old look. In general, the word vintage means old and old, and in French terms, it refers to elements, items, and objects that are very old, antique, and in other words, have a high age. Old carpets are very popular, that’s why vintage carpets are designed and produced. While these carpets are fresh and new, they look old and old. In the sense that there are traditional designs and roles on them. Today, all kinds of vintage carpets are produced and made, each of them has special and unique features. As we mentioned earlier, carpets with an old look have been attracting people’s attention and interest for a long time. To age the carpet in the past, different methods were used than today. One of these methods was that in order to do this and make the carpet old in the past, they used to place it in the street, market, and busy neighborhoods. They used to do this so that people would walk on the carpet and it would get worn and old.

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Additional information


368x270x1 cm

Approximate weight

20 kg


9.9 square meters

Texture type

hand made

The type of weft yarn


The type of warp thread